Monday, July 03, 2006


Some years ago after watching a series of documentary TV programmes on angel, presented by both believers and non-believers, I decided that angels do exist.

I decided to keep my "new dicovery" to myself for fear of people thinking me "bonkers" or "not quite with it" or any other of
those endearing terms that suggest I am slightly off mentally.

I happened to be reading one of Rabbi Luzatto's books in which he talks about "angels." But of course, the bible discusses angels so often. For me that was the green light to say to friends and collegues, "I believe in angels." Absolutely.

I then started reading as many books as I could to do with angels.
I was also drawn to watching John Edward's show "Crossing Over." This brings a smile because it was described in the TV Guide as a "travel programme" which in a sense I suppose it is!

So I am going to try and find angel related articles and post them on this blog...also to talk about being positive in easy to say and yet so difficult to do. To try and bring ease to someone stretch out thoughts of spiritual love.

May Love embrace you and comfort you and give you the strength you need for this day. May Love give you all you need to make this day one free from worry, free from stress.

Love surrounds you.